Aries: Ruler of the Zodiac

256px-AriesCCBy Nicole Howard

Aries is the first of twelve signs in western astrology; as such, they are considered the ruler of all the other signs.

Those born under the Aries sign are born between March 21 and April 20. Aries are ruled by the planet Mars. Aries are represented by the ram. Every Zodiac sign has a part(s) of the body that they control; Aries control the head.

Lively and courageous, Aries are definitely adventurers. They love to try new things, but they are easily bored.

Aries are stubborn and impulsive, which can make them seem selfish. That, along with their ‘My way or the highway’ attitude, can make Aries out to be disagreeable, when in reality; Aries are very positive and friendly people. Aries are natural leaders. Aries are very passionate about their interests.

Some famous Aries are Victoria Beckham (4/17), Sarah Jessica Parker (3/25), Steven Tyler (3/26), Robert Downey JR (4/04), Pharrell Williams (4/05), Elton John (3/25), Vincent Van Gogh (3/30), Oh Sehun (4/12), and Lu Han (4/20). The diamond is Aries’ star stone. Aries’ primary color is red. Aries are most compatible with Leo, Sagittarius, and Gemini. They are least compatible with Taurus and Cancer and Pisces.

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(Aries people- Please note that some of these traits may apply to you for whatever reason, including the possibility of being a cusp sign. A cusp sign is when you are born within five days of the previous and following sign, so for Aries this would be March 21 – 26 and April 15 – 20.)


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