Doctor’s Orders

Peter Capaldi, Doctor Who. Photo from

By Austin Settell

Doctor Who

The latest news on the time traveling Doctor is that he has regenerated once more, and it might be his last one.  The show “Doctor Who” is about a man, (actually an alien), named “the Doctor” from a planet called Gallifrey. He has a time machine/space ship in the form of a police box and a little device he calls a sonic screwdriver. The doctor goes on all kinds of adventures in time and space and saves it, all of it, time and time again. He usually has some kind of companion with him as well, whether it Sarah Jane, Martha Jones, Rose Tyler, Amy Pond, or Clara Oswald, he always has someone who is a friend to the doctor.

The New Man

The doctor has regenerated again. What does that mean? Well the doctor is an alien called a time lord. As one, he has the ability to change himself in dire situations. Not just his face though, no that would be too easy. He changes even his personality, the way he handles himself, his quirks, and his sense of style. There have been 12 doctors now, each one different than the last, and yet still clearly the same man in each one. This latest regeneration was a doozy! For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, GO SEE IT! Honestly it will blow your mind; the very regeneration itself was very — how do I put it — anticlimactic. I termed this like, “Whoa man, that’s huge! The biggest regeneration yet! It’s nuclear!”

After the big shebang, it was a split second regeneration from Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi. The buildup could have been a bit more entertaining. I felt at some points as if I were watching it only to see the end. Many times it showed all the angles of Matt’s doctor, the funny, silly, anger, excitement, serious, and happy, though it could have been a better story. I have the curiosities as many of my fellow Whovians out there about this new guy: will he be able to replace Matt or will it just not work? All those come with a new regeneration, we just need to wait and see.

This May Be Last, But Not Final

Peter Capaldi is most likely the last doctor of the Doctor Who series. I hope I am wrong, but it does look that way. Even if the show is ending, the doctor will be in a new show. I heard of a show coming out named the sons of Gallifrey. This, from what I’ve heard, is about what the doctor and the master got up to on Gallifrey before the doctor left. This is very exciting news because we get to see the doctor in a new light, I admit it will be strange to see the man without his blue box, the TARDIS, but it will be very interesting to see what trouble he gets himself into even back then.

Sons of Gallifrey

Not much is known about the “Sons of Gallifray” other than it is a show that starts filming in March. It is about an old favorite character from a show called Doctor Who. This new show revolves around the young “doctor” and the young “master” who are arch rivals in “doctor who”, however this show will reveal how these two were once great allies and friends. The names that we know the “doctor” and the “master” are supposedly not going to be used so we can’t tell which is which. In this way, we can feel how the Doctor felt when they parted.

New Faces

There are definitely going to be some new characters added to the time traveler’s story. I am not sure who but I can guess. There is hopefully going to be the doctor’s parents in the show; in “Doctor Who” there were episodes with a woman In it and she was never explained, but we felt as though that was his mother, so hopefully that gets addressed. There is an audition opening for the newest companion of the doctor, and the master I suppose as well, that is going to be very fun to see. This show is bound to have the council of the timelords and, well, timelords! There will be timelords everywhere, why wouldn’t there be? This is happening when timelords were thriving, so I think we can expect to see many new timelord faces.

The Men Behind the Curtain

As I said before, there is going to be a new companion on the new show. This being so, there is an audition option for anyone out there that wants can go to a website to get the scene script they need.  You then simply record yourself acting it out and send the video to  If the creators like it, you’re in! I’ve read that at least 20 of Britain’s finest actors will be a part of it, even some “Doctor Who” veterans such as Daphne Ashbrook. I think Mr. Burnham should try – he’s cool.

I am so excited about this! Do you know any other show that has been going for 50 years and still going strong? Now coming out with a spinoff such as this? I don’t think you will find one, not as brilliant as this. So do yourselves a favor and check it out, Alons-y!


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