Latinos Living In the United States

By Elsa Rodriguez

Many students now attending the high school, middle school, and even college are undocumented students. They have to go with everyday life activities knowing they are undocumented. An undocumented student is one that is not considered a resident. Many live not knowing what will happen next in life because of some actions that were taken.

Some of these kids have to go through life knowing that they may not be able to apply for jobs or colleges because of the fact that they need to have a social security number to apply for many things in the United States. What many do not know is there is a bill that can help them. It’s called the DREAM Act, which is for the undocumented students who would like to become a resident in the United States. The DREAM Act helps them get a permit for state residency for higher education, or even for them to be able to get a job. The Dream Act also allows undocumented people the chance to go into military service.

Many Latinos even go through depression because they have to go through the thought of being a nonresident living in the United States. Many of the people who are undocumented go through depression because of the thought that they came to the United States to work hard for their families to make sure they have a better life than they did before. They want to make sure that their kids have a better education than they did so they can be something better in life. Yet, in the United States there is a lot of racism going on. Many whites, blacks, and other races think Latinos came here to just take over the jobs and everything else, but many others think we only make it seem like we came here to work but instead we just came here to be lazy and not work or anything. Yet many Latinos living here in the United States work hard for what they have now. Mostly everything done in the United States has Latinos doing them. Latinos are police officers, factory workers, teachers, restaurant workers, office cleaners, translators, house builders, and all jobs necessary in the community. Yes, in many restaurants many Latinos work and prepare your everyday meal. Many of us even work in factories to send out food wrapped and prepared for shipping to go to stores and be sold to you.

So instead of talking down on Latinos and believing racial stereotypes about how Latinos only come here for one thing and it’s to take jobs and be lazy, how about if you thank those people for everything they have done in the United States to help make life easier for everyone!


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