Want to become CEO of a major corporation one day?

Photo from thinkprogress.org

Photo from thinkprogress.org

By Tyler St. Marie

CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer. If you think becoming a CEO is an easy job, then you have a lot to learn before you consider this job. Another hard part about the job is actually keeping it. CEO’s of major corporations get fired every year for not making enough money, or not doing well with the business. Most CEO’s have acquired their Master of Business Administration degree. So if being a CEO is something you would like to be, consider this degree to increase your chances.

Some CEO’s didn’t even need a degree such as Bill Gates. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard College and runs a billion dollar corporation called Microsoft. Your average CEO’s salary averages to about $7 million a year depending on the company. You have to make a lot of sacrifices such as being alone and traveling from place to place. You have little time for your family since you will always be working.

You may think that being a CEO, you are licensed to do whatever you like. This statement is partially true. You have all the money to do what you wish, but you can never let your ego of being a CEO get to your head. This position requires you to be highly intelligent and very educated with a lot of things mentally and physically. Many CEO’s have to deal with the stress that they are the one to have 5,000 people’s careers in their hands. This is why the CEO of the Timberland brand keeps a list of every one of his employees who were laid off in his left middle desk drawer. He is able to become a better CEO by realizing something like that.

Being a good CEO means you should stay well involved in your company and its employees. After all they are the ones who help you make your profits. I think that a CEO is nothing without its employees, and its employees are nothing without their CEO. CEO’s should always make sure that their franchise partner has good employee appreciation. Some franchise owners are doing poorly and the CEO has no idea. Stephen Cloobeck, CEO of diamond resorts, has proven this. He has given back so much to his employees and made their lives easier. He was named “most generous” CEO from the show Undercover Boss, giving roughly 3 million dollars to his employees.

There are many reasons and ways to become a CEO. You can be an Entrepreneur and start your own business and build it from the ground up. Doing this requires a lot of your own money. You’re taking a risk to whether or not it will be successful or just money down the drain. Small businesses usually start from $15,000-$20,000 of your own money or a bank loan. Make sure you always pay any kind of loan back for whatever it is. Otherwise you can say hello to debt and bad credit.

Dina Dwyer- Dwyer Group

Bill Gates- Microsoft

Alan Mulally- CEO of Ford

Fred DeLuca-Subway


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