By Ryan Spencer

For the longest time, religion has dominated most people’s minds, pushing them and encouraging them to do many things, some for good, some for bad. As we continue forward in our lives, we see that religion is on the decline. Many people today claim to be atheists or have no designated religion: over 1.1 billion people today are acclaimed atheists or do not follow one specific religion. The spirituality of the world is waning.

This should cause alarm in the religions of the world. It means that many religions aren’t doing what they should be doing, for many people today put their stock in science, money, or material possessions, for security instead of trusting in God. It is not that hard to see why, as religion has and is only causing problems for the world, from the Catholic priests molesting children to the religious fundamentalists waging war in the name of God and their own religion. The word televangelist (preacher on television) brings to mind sex scandals, fiscal corruption, deceit, hypocrisy and false prophetic prediction. Truly it’s not hard to see why so many people turn from religion and their spirituality, but the question remains: is this the right way of  dealing with these difficult questions and events? Just because people cause problems in religions does not mean that we should end our relationship with our God and renounce our spirituality. We should continue to worship our god or gods with or without religion guiding us. We should be able to search for the answer on our own or if we want help, to be able to appreciate it. No matter what, you should never stop searching for good.



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