The Origins of Unique Names

By Lacretia Lund


The origin of the name Lucretia is questionable. Authorities say it’s unknown; others claim it comes from the Latin lucror and means “profit,” “wealth,” or “succeed.” Still more believe it’s of Etruscan origin, but its meaning has been lost over the thousands of years. In Roman legend, Lucretia, the virtuous wife of Lucius Tarquinius Collatinus, was raped by Sextus Tarquinius, who was the son of the king of Rome. After the rape, she asked for her husband and father, but they were unable to make her feel better, so she committed suicide by stabbing herself in the heart multiple times . Saint Lucretia, virgin martyr of Spain, was put to death during the Roman persecutions in the year 306. Her feast day is November 22nd.

My name is Lacretia, spelled with an A not a U. I do like to succeed in life, no matter how hard it is. That’s why life is like it is. I love to save money, so that’s how “profit” and “wealth” pop up in my life, which makes sense due to the origin of my name.


Yachin’s origin is Hebrew and it is also used largely in the Hebrew language. Yachin is a variant transcription of Joachim. Yachin is supposed to be a pleasant and agreeable man, who is not without a certain charm. Responsibility reigns in both his professional and personal life, and he is a man who can be counted upon. Such maturity, along with his mild manner and protectiveness, make his presence a pleasant and reassuring experience. He is the shoulder that feels good to cry on, which doesn’t bother him at all because he is happy to give advice and truly cares about those around him. In any case, he can’t have an unpleasant atmosphere for very long. I know a kid here at BHS and his name is Yachin and this description of the origin fits him perfectly. He is a down-hearted person who loves everyone and is there for everyone no matter what situation he is in.

I think it is really cool how someone’s name can represent someone without even knowing how they were going to be when they’re older. Names are such a big part in this world because without them we honestly wouldn’t be anyone. The president would just be the President . Every girl would just be that girl. Every boy would just be that boy. It’s just amazing how a name can change who you are and the way people look at you.


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